Area 52 TV Talent


Technical Director at Area 52 TV.

John also hosts Tech Shamans, NerdQuest, Parageeks TV, Tampa Bay Business Connections, Open For Business and A Focus on Business. John fills in where he is needed.



DeLynn Gaston is host of the Award Winning show Moving Forward TV. As Well, she hosts multiple other shows with John Gaston.



Super Host for a multitude of shows on Area 52 TV.

Barbara retired as a Professional On-Air Talent Host for HSN (Home Shopping Network) After 15 years of dedicated expertise presenting products in all categories, and numerous Celebrity guested shows.


From his early years, fascination with TV, film, computers, and video games strongly influenced Rob. He continued to educate himself about these subjects as the years past. These areas still top the list of his studies, along with the latest in tech and gadgets.


A long time ago, in a state far, far away…. a seven year old boy named Anthony watched Star Trek for the first time, and gone forever was the chance of him being a normal adult, just like a photon torpedo launched at the Genesis Planet.
Fast forward half a century, and he’s still a lover of science fiction, fantasy, and Steampunk… only now his toys are much, much cooler.


A.K.A. Scogerboo
Grew up up in the 80s with wrestling, Magic, comics and video games then when he
got older he was a former pro wrestler for 4 years and then magician turned DJ turned Photographer.
He still has a passion for comics and collecting toys and now also streams his games on Twitch.
You can catch Michael at any of the conventions taking cosplay photos.


A.K.A. Sidokens has been one of the longest crew members with We Beam TV. He is the man responsible for all the inner networking systems. Dillon fills in and helps train all the new switchers and fills in when the need arises.


Cage is another long-time member of We Beam TV. He has grown up in the TV world. Cage has the courage and fire that it takes to be in the TV business with his family. Cage is now studying in the world of Digital Cinema and one day be a GREAT Director.


Mark Muncy is the creator Hellview Cemetery, a haunted attraction so infamous it was banned by the city of St. Petersburg. He is also the best-selling author of the “Eerie Florida” series of books from The History Press. He has written and ghost written numerous sci-fi, fantasy and horror books, short stories and RPG supplements. He can be frequently found on various media streams and podcasts talking all things nerdy and preternatural.