Every generation faces different complications when preparing for retirement.
It will always be this way…
But this generation is facing an issue like none other before it.
And that issue is Longer lifespans! That’s right, people are living longer than ever before!
But make no mistake about it, longer life spans is a double-edged sword. It brings these generations new obstacles that no other generation has ever faced.
The 62WhoKnew TV Show was created to help identify and solve these obstacles.
Our guests will be experts from around the Country discussing topics like financial planning, long term care insurance, social security, in-home care, reverse mortgages, Medicare, Medicaid, Do I need a Will or a Trust, travel, health, and so much more.
Who knew I needed to have 25 years of cash reserve before I could retire…
Who Knew I may have to work a lot longer than I anticipated?
Who knew we were going to live this long?

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