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Jamie Meloni takes the business world on to bring you a show that highlights business owners, entrepreneurs and people making a difference in the Tampa Bay Community. Whether its a successful business, a failed one, or one that is just beginning, Jamie wants to talk to you! Jamie also highlights the world in which he thrives, Real Estate, every Thursday. Its where Business becomes Show Business!

Yesner Law is a boutique real estate law firm in Tampa, Florida, that helps our clients eliminate the financial bullies in their lives by providing options so they can live the lifestyle of their dreams. We help clients with real estate litigation, partition, quiet title, chapter 7 liquidation, chapter 13 reorganization, short sales, loan modifications, and creditor harassment.

Have you ever wanted to hear Boss Tech’s stance on Russia? Curious to know how Sidokens feels about the current Socio-Economical position of America? Dying to know what SuperBeard’s thoughts on The Flat earth Society are? Don’t know who any of these guys are, but still wanna experience a hilarious train wreck? Then Twisted Views is YOUR show! New podcasts each Tuesday!

For all you 101ites who want their favorite show “on the go”, here is the audio podcast version! Now you can learn about your favorite characters and their history whilst you get your grind on, whether it be working out, cleaning house, working your 9-5, or on a drive! Listen to SuperBeard and Slinky Giallo dive into the latest and best comics have to offer! Each episode will be up Fridays after they air on We Beam TV.