Influence Matters Episode 059

Influence Matters Episode 059   10-22-2021 It is a fact, writing can be a powerful way to build your influence, and influence will organically generate leads for your business, ministry, cause, or brand. The truth is, it’s easier than you think. Join Clara Rose today as she talks about the three simple steps for writing to […]

Influence Matters Episode 058

Influence Matters Episode 058   10-15-2021 So, you know influence is the fastest way to generate leads organically and create a sustainable business or brand, but HOW do you build influence? Join Clara Rose today as she shares 5 Easy Steps to building your influence. Don’t miss this episode, because Influence MATTERS!   Watch Influence Matters […]

Influence Matters Episode 057

Influence Matters Episode 057 10-08-2021 Are you going through a change in your company? Is transformation a struggle for your executive team? Join Clara Rose today as she talks with coach and consultant Shveta Pillai, from Lead Style. Shveta is recognized for her persistence and tenacity in coaching leaders through transformational and systemic changes. Right […]

Influence Matters Episode 051

Influence Matters Episode 051 07-09-2021 Is social media taking over your workday? Join Clara Rose today as she talks with the CEO of Elkay Advisors, Lisa Kanda, about how to avoid social media overwhelm. Lisa will share tools and tips to help you manage your social media so you can work smarter, not harder!   […]

Influence Matters Episode 050

Influence Matters Episode 050 Are you struggling with writer’s block? Join Clara Rose today as she talks with coach Karena Neukirchner, about a potential culprit, your subconscious mind! If you are stuck, you don’t want to miss this episode.   Watch Influence Matters Here

Influence Matters Episode 049

Influence Matters Episode 049 Beth Sheridan – Are you a rocket scientist? Are you a fine art photographer? Today’s special guest is both! Join Clara Rose today as she talks with NASA rocket scientist AND gifted fine art photographer, Beth Sheridan. Learn how Beth is building her influence, her creativity, and love of photography.   […]