Area 52 TV Presents ” A Focus On Real Estate”

Area 52 TV Will focus on Realtors weekly to truly delve into their world. Area 52 TV will bring you, Realtors, from around the Tamp Bay Area. No Realtor is off-limits and we will let them share their passion and drive for why they do what they do,

Real Estate 101 for new buyers: I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to those who don’t know me and reach back out to those that do, my goal is to educate buyers and sellers while also helping my community and the Tampa Bay area introducing different non-profits organizations My name is Jessie Walters. I’ve been with Charles Rutenberg for 15 years helping Buyers, Sellers, and Investors. My passion is to help homeowners understand the process of purchasing or selling and the tools they need to go forward with both. If you learn one thing from our talks then I have done my job!

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