Eerie Travels – Episode 6 – Cults and Killers of Florida
On this week’s “Eerie Travels,” we visit a few places with ties to cults, devil worship, serial killers, and even Jack the Ripper.
We first travel to the town of Estero, Florida on the Gulf Coast to visit what some considered the New Jerusalem. Cyrus Teed was struck by lighting and God told him that we lived inside a hollow Earth. He would lead his followers to a new Eden in Florida, where they would prosper forevermore. The Koreshan State Park is now home to the remains of this cult’s accomplishments and even the story of their legendary messiah in his bathtub grave.
We then visit The Devil’s Tree of Port St. Lucie in Oak Hammock State Park. We learn how this tree is tied to the story of serial killer Gerard John Schaefer. A man that fictionally confessed to killing over 20 women, but no one really knows how many he really killed.
Our Eerie Destination for the week is The Blue Anchor Pub of Del Ray Beach, Florida. This pub was set to be demolished in Whitechapel when it was bought and transferred brick by brick from London to Florida. It once hosted Winston Churchill among its patrons. Several of Jack the Ripper’s victims had their last meal after walking through those very doors.
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