EERIE TRAVELS – Episode 3 – Marianna, Florida
On this week’s “Eerie Travels,” we visit a paranormal hotspot in the panhandle of Florida, the town of Marianna.
We visit several locations including the Russ House, one of the most photographed haunted locations in the world. We then explore the Battle of Marianna and how this famous Civil War incursion became a major turning point for Florida in the war. We then document the dark history of the infamous and soon to be demolished Dozier School for Boys.
A short drive takes us to the infamous Bellamy Bridge with an incredible ghost story.
Our Eerie Travels spot for the week is “Retro 2 New” a classic video game store that’s a great place to stop in Marianna. We also get to talk with shop proprietor and Florida Bigfoot expert, Connor Flynn.
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Music provided by Destini Beard and Midnight Syndicate – Used with permission of the artists.

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