Eerie Travels – Episode 2 – Cryptids of Appalachia
In this episode, we visit the home of some legendary beasts. First, we visit Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and the home of the infamous Mothman. We visit The World Famous Mothman Museum and the nearby TNT area where the original sightings of the infamous cryptid occurred.
Next, we visit Louisville, Kentucky to visit the home of the PopeLick Monster. This half-goat half-man creature has been terrorizing a large trestle bridge just outside of one of the largest cities in Kentucky for decades. It is the only cryptid with a confirmed body count as many investigators have died trying to get a glimpse of this legendary beast.
Our Eerie Destination for the week is Hillbilly Hotdogs in Lesage, West Virginia. This amazing food stop is a must-visit when on the road in Mothman territory.
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