TACTICAL TALK with MAD DOG ARMORY – Episode 004 02-18-2022
Tactical Talk w/Mad Dog Armory
Silencers, Suppressors, and when to SHHHH!
Today on Tactical Talk w/Mad Dog Armory, Jillian and Shad cover the topics of Silencers vs Suppressors and when to SHHHHH. We help explain the difference between silencers, cans, mufflers, suppressors and who should have one, why someone would want one, which one they should get, and how much they cost. We talk about different types of silencers and how to get one, or two and also chat a bit about Valentine’s Day, Love Sex and Guns and what they have in common as well as when to just SHHHHHHH. Hope you enjoy it and thank you for watching. Please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! #Suppressors, #Silencers, #DeadAir, #Maddogarmory, #WeBeamTV, #Love, #Sex, #TacticalTalk

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