Prime Time Episode 208 01-31-2022
Prime Time Today: “Ageless Living”
Barbara Marville-Kelly, and Dennis Kelly aka “Doc
Ageless Living is about Healthy Wellness, and Slowing down the aging process Through education, implementing a tried and true, tested & proven wellness program, that helps growth-seeking individuals, handle stress on the spot, how to make the best choices through a heart-centered life and more
Making the best choices through investigative research
The “Kellys use their Prime Time TV platform to share their personal “Ageless Living Lifestyle” Secrets they have been using for over 30 years keeping things very simple and easy. They have taken the guesswork out, with a “2020 vision/laser-beam focus” on living their best life ever.
By living their “L.I.F.E. to Mastery” system, a strong foundation of FAITH, and a “Never Give Up” attitude, they are determined to help others, as it has helped them, their family & friends