Prime Time Episode 203

Join “L.I.F.E.Time Influencers, Barbara Marville-kelly & Dennis Kelly (aka Doc) at the studio, as they share their influences over a lifetime of experience, trial & error! Stepping into a Discerning, & Powerful Circle of Influence as they journey the full circle of L.I.F.E., sharing personal stories, as they lay out their “2020 Vision” with even […]

Prime Time Episode 202

Theme: “Living Healthy in an UnHealthy World!” Living in “Fear” and/or What “IF” Land The critical effects of unmanaged stress & unmanaged emotions, that can lead to Dis-ease & in some cases Pre-mature Death What exactly is the Vagus Nerve & the important role it plays in the human body The importance of being proactive […]

Prime Time Episode 201

Theme: “Take Back YOUR Energy! Take Back YOUR Power! Take Back YOUR L.I.F.E.!” If not Now, WHEN? If not US, Then WHO? Ok Ladies, here we go again October / my/our POWER month! Monday 10-25, “Women Unscripted” At the new studio at Gulfview Square Mall, enter at the Sam Seltzer entry off US 19, show […]

Prime Time Episode 200

Prime Today Celebrates Episode #200 with Hosts Barbara Marville-Kelly & Dennis Kelly “LifeTime Influencers” Highlights will be featured on many topics from Stress Reduction, Living Healthy in an Unhealthy World, A Heart Empowered Life, Pushing thru personal & global health crises, w/super foods, the right attitude & higher consciousness level to understanding the “Super Power” […]

Prime Time Episode 199

Join Hosts Barbara & “Kelly” for an open mic on Prime Time: Times are changing & evolving Adjusting to the conditions that prevail in a world that feels upside down and in volatile times! What are the coping skills that work for the Kellys?   WATCH THIS SHOW HERE!

Prime Time Episode 198

Prime Time: Living a “Heart Empowered L.I.F.E.” Today we are bringing our EXACT “Lifetime Influencers” tried, true & proven daily program, we have adopted, that we hope will make the difference for you, your family & your children. As a Certified Trainer with HeartMath Institute, since 1999, Dennis Kelly has shared in his Tai Chi […]