Eerie Travels – Episode 9 – Eerie Ohio – Moonville Tunnel, The Ridges, The Mounds, and The Crosswick Serpent
On this week’s “Eerie Travels”, we travel to the great state of Ohio to dive deep into some haunted locations. Then we visit one of the most unique locations in the world.
First, we travel to the lost town of Moonville hidden deep in the mountains. A lone train tunnel and cemetery are all that remain. The ghosts that haunt there are legendary.
We travel a short distance away to discuss The Ridges, a former lunatic asylum that sat abandoned for some time. The ghosts that haunt these halls are still seen by the students at the university that has reclaimed the buildings here.
Finally, we discuss the great effigy mounds of Ohio including Serpent Mound and Alligator Mound. These earthworks are incredibly mysterious in their purposes and origins. What do they have to do with Mishipishu, the “Underwater Panther”? How does that tie into the real sighting of “The Crosswick Serpent?”
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