Eerie Travels – Episode 10 – Unearthly Encounters – Flatwoods, Gulf Breeze, Crestview, and Indrid Cold
In this episode of “Eerie Travels,” we visit some locations of the most infamous close encounters with possible extraterrestrial beings. We travel from Florida to West Virginia to follow a trail of alien breadcrumbs.
Our first stop is a visit to the town of Flatwoods, WV. Their famous encounter with a crashed craft and an alien so terrifying it captures the imagination to this day. The Flatwoods Monster is truly an epic historical moment in the history of UFOs.
After that, we travel to Gulf Breeze, Florida for the infamous UFO flap that photographer Ed Walters famously captured on film. These are some of the most incredible photos of flying saucers ever taken… Or are they?
We then link two incredible stories, the Crestview Elementary sighting in Miami and the infamous Derenberger encounter with the Grinning Man, Indrid Cold. How do these two incidents tie together? Tune in and find out.
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