Eerie Travels – Episode 8 – Secrets of Alligator Alley
On this week’s “Eerie Travels,” we travel the length of Old Alligator Alley through the dark heart of the Everglades.
We first travel to the mouth of the Everglades and the Smallwood Store. This old red wooden structure was built to trade with the natives and became the first post office in southwest Florida. Infamously the site of the murder of Mr. Watson. Was it mob justice? His spirit is said to still linger there.
We then visit Everglades Outpost for a unique encounter with some rescued wildlife. So many alligators!
We then discuss the crash and haunting of Flight 401! A haunting so infamous it would change how the Federal Government has to deal with the paranormal.
Our Eerie Destination for the week is The Silverball Museum of Del Ray Beach, Florida. Home of one of the largest collections of old arcade games and pinball machines in the world. Play for hours at this amazing place. Keep your eyes out for several ghosts on the upper floor as several men were hanged there over the years.
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