Eerie Travels Summary Episodes 7
Episode 7 – Haunted Central Florida – Sebring and Arcadia
In this week’s “Eerie Travels,” we visit two abandoned and known to be haunted hotels in the heart of Florida. Afterward, we visit the legendary Bloody Bucket Bridge. Finally, we end at the final resting place for some British pilots from World War II just a short drive away.
We first visit Harder Hall on Lake Jackson. This abandoned hotel still hosts an impressive country club and a golf course next door.
Next, we travel across the lake to Kennilworth Lodge. Named and built by the founder of Sebring himself. This haunted hotel was built in the early 1900s and only closed in 2014. Ghost hunters have been banned from the building in recent years.
We then travel across an old bridge along the Peace River where an old legend tells of a midwife that murdered dozens of children. Is Bloody Bucket Bridge as haunted as people claim?
Our Eerie Destination for the week is the “Oak Ridge Cemetery” in Arcadia, Florida. This amazing graveyard is the last resting place for many Royal Air Force Cadets that were training to fight in World War II. A little British soil in the heart of Florida.
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