Tactical Talk with Mad Dog Armory – Episode 001
In today’s “Tactical Talk with Mad Dog Armory” – we introduce you to the hosts, Shad Biltz & Jillian Biltz, the founders of the popular and highly rated gun shops in Tampa Bay Florida – Mad Dog Armory. With this coming weekend being Gasparilla 2022, we talk about the big mardi gras-like celebration coming to Tampa Bay. This show also focuses on the ‘best’ Girl Guns on the market today and what they are perceived as. We introduce you to Smith & Wesson’s new line of M&P Shield E-Z models, the different choices of E-Z’s available, and who we think would be a good candidate to own that semi-automatic pistol option. We also talk about personal color coatings for your guns called Cerakote, the benefits of using Cerakote, and why you should coat your guns with it.

Watch Tactical Talk with Mad Dog Armory Here

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