Taboo Talk with Ray and Steve – Episode 002 01-28-2022
“Good Business or Bad Business”; How networking and building good relationships with other business professionals can grow and save your business.
In this episode, you will meet the founder of Networking Today International. Mr. Rich DeForest along with his Executive VP, Ms. Brooke Rayburn discuss their networking platform and how it literally saved businesses, and/or helped add secondary income with stay-at-home business models. Rich will talk about the do’s and don’ts of marketing and Brooke will get into how holding different events can help create the “Know, Like and Trust factor” in order to have a more referral-based business. Lots of useful information for business owners and those considering your own startup brick and mortar business, online business, or a home-based business to cut down on overhead expenses.
Let Networking Today International be the value add your business can use towards greater success!

Watch Taboo Talk with Ray and Steve Here

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