Theme: “Take Back YOUR Energy! Take Back YOUR Power! Take Back YOUR L.I.F.E.!”
If not Now, WHEN?
If not US, Then WHO?
Ok Ladies, here we go again October / my/our POWER month! Monday 10-25, “Women Unscripted”
At the new studio at Gulfview Square Mall, enter at the Sam Seltzer entry off US 19, show from 2-3 pm
Our theme will be
“Take Back your Energy /Take Back your Power/ Take Back your L.I.F.E!”
If not NOW, then WHEN!
If not US, then WHO? (Thank you Shar!)
Our intentions are to make a “POWER” impact by each one of us offering our individual fav tips & tools we used before, during & presently in these “upside-down worldly crazy times!”

Women Unscripted :
Barbara Marville-Kelly
Helena Trangata FB Helena Trangata
Sharon Kistler
Maura Sweeney